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Course Description GCSE French

Why study a language?

The study of a language at GCSE encourages students to develop strategies to understand spoken and written forms of French as well as the ability to communicate effectively through both the spoken and written word.  Knowledge of grammar enables students to manipulate language creatively and can be a source of great intellectual stimulation.  Awareness of language structure and vocabulary acquisition support development of communication skills not only in French, but also in English.  Students also widen their appreciation of other cultures, peoples and countries.  Learning a language helps to increase personal confidence, independent study skills and opens up a broad range of opportunities for further study and career development.

Which careers can languages lead to?

In the 21st century, many industries are becoming globalised and with the expansion of the European Union knowledge of languages other than English can provide fantastic opportunities in many jobs. 

 Some sectors which welcome linguists are:

Information Technology
Journalism and Media
Travel and Tourism

Of course, in some careers languages are a necessity:

Languages teacher
Bi-lingual secretary

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At Key Stage 4 we follow the AQA linear full course GCSE (specification A) using the Métro 4 course book.  In lessons students concentrate on the four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

The learning activities include:

  • listening to recordings of French speakers
    presenting information individually, in pairs and in group
  • interviewing other students
  • reading texts about French people and society
  • researching background material on the internet
  • writing messages, letters and articles in French
  • using an interactive whiteboard to explain grammar points and introduce new vocabulary
  • using IT to produce brochures and power point presentations